6 Amazing Experiences You Can Have on a Balkan Trails Custom Tour

Humanity has never experienced such effortless and vast travel options as we have today. And, with its myriad benefits, it's no wonder why so many people choose to travel.

From improving our mental health and providing an escape from our daily lives to experiencing new cultures and broadening our worldviews, travel has the power to both boost our creativity and inspire us in ways we never thought possible.

We founded Balkan Trails out of our passion for travel and our vision to craft unforgettable, tailor-made experiences for you. Our fully certified boutique agency is dedicated to going that extra mile for you to design your perfect holiday, one that suits your every need and desire and leaves you with priceless memories. 

What's so special about the Balkans?

If you are considering the Balkans for your next holiday, you must know that it might just be Europe's best-kept secret. Not only are Romania and Bulgaria affordable destinations, but they are also incredibly safe.

Nature lovers will appreciate the vast landscapes, history buffs will have plenty to explore, and the warm hospitality of locals will make you feel at home. Oh, and did we mention the delicious food? Don't miss out on a chance to experience the culinary magic of the Balkans!

So what unique experiences have we at Balkan Trails hand-picked for you? Read on and let yourself be amazed.

Explore the Republic of Moldavia 

Located in the northeast region of the Balkans, the Republic of Moldavia has undergone numerous political transformations, transitioning from being part of Romania and the Soviet Union to becoming an independent state with its own government. It's worth noting that Moldavia is also a region in Romania, similar to Transylvania but separate from the Republic of Moldavia, with its own autonomy. 

This Add-on highlights several Moldavian landmarks in Romania's northeastern region, including the stunning city of Iași, the Trei Ierarhi Monastery(an impressive XVII-century monument), and Romania's first-ever community clock.

Next, your journey will take you to Chișinău, the capital of the Republic of Moldavia. Here, you'll discover the enchanting XIIth century Orheiu Vechi Monastery, built in stone and offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Our itinerary also includes visiting Old Orhei, a city with a rich history dating back to the Paleolithic era. 

As an option, you can visit the Cricova Wine Cellars, one of the most famous wineries in the region. Here, you will get to taste some of the best wines in Moldavia and learn about traditional winemaking techniques.

Our journey concludes in Gura Humorului, but not before passing through the historic city of Suceava. Amidst the ruins of the Suceava citadel, you'll find evidence of Romania's tumultuous past. Our itinerary would not be complete without a visit to the St. George Church or Voroneț Monastery, a unique gem included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Witness the remarkable 16th-century frescoes adorning this painted Monastery and be awed by its artistry.

Discover the incredible Iron Gates of the Danube River

The Iron Gates, a naturally-formed gorge on the country's border, is a protected region through which the Danube River flows. This Add-on will enhance your holiday experience by adding some extra natural beauty to an already fantastic experience: your custom trip to Romania. 

Embark on your journey in Transylvania's medieval city, Sibiu. Visit Densuș Church, a magnificent stone structure dating back to the 7th century.

Continue to the Hunyad (Corvin) Castle - an imposing Gothic building that has been standing tall since the 15th century. Cross its incredible bridge and step into its nostalgic courtyard.

Next, you'll witness the breathtaking Bigar Waterfall, regarded as one of the most stunning waterfalls worldwide. We continue towards Dubova town, where the magnificent Iron Gates await you - a region so picturesque, words fail to do it justice. We'll indulge in its beauty by taking a boat trip the next day on the Danube, where you'll admire the majestic gorges, the river, and Decebalus' engraved face - Europe's highest sculpture in natural rock.

The Ciucaru Mare Plateau offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the Danube and its surroundings. You'll get there by taking a short hike on foot.

Your short trip will conclude in Sibiu after visiting a few more extraordinary places: the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage village of Horezu and the magnificent architectural masterpiece that is the Horezu Monastery. You can also make a short pitstop at Târgu Jiu, where the Sculptural Ensemble of Constantin Brâncuși awaits you to admire its beauty. 

The Danube Delta - a natural paradise on Earth

This add-on is perfect for both archaeology and nature enthusiasts. The Danube Delta is Europe's best-preserved delta and holds a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Formed over 10,000 years ago, it boasts a massive surface of over 2,200 square miles. We will discover its natural beauty and rich history that will add that unique flair to your holiday.

Our tour kicks off in Bucharest before we go to Constanța and Tulcea - beautiful cities along the Black Sea shore. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich history of these animated settlements. A visit to the Archaeology Museum and Casino in Constanța provides a deeper understanding of the city's ancient past. Dating back to 600 BC and known in antiquity as Tomis, Constanța holds stories to captivate any traveler.

Next, we'll explore the ancient Greek Port of Histria - the oldest settlement known in Romania. This fantastic site is abundant in history, reflected in the numerous archaeological discoveries made throughout the years. 

Upon arrival at the Danube Delta, you will be treated to delectable homemade local cuisine. The taste of fresh fish within this region of Romania is incomparable to any other. A private boat tour will allow you to explore the area in all its glory, admiring the rich, lush vegetation and the myriad species of birds, over 300 of which call this place home.

Mocanița Steam Train - an unforgettable Romanian experience in Maramureș

One of the most appreciated aspects of the Maramureș region is the countryside life and its authentic traditions. Everything from architecture to local customs and clothes speaks the language of our ancestors. Unfortunately, this language has been forgotten in many other parts of the country. If you have Maramureș on your holiday list, consider Mocanița Steam Train Add-on

It is a unique experience that will make your trip to Romania unforgettable. We wrote a whole article about Mocănița steam trains in Romania here. (yes, there’s more than one!)

The Mocanița steam train was built in 1932 for the sole purpose of transporting wood. Before its time, timber was only transported by rafts, making the train a significant upgrade. Now it is used only for tourism. It will take you back in time once you climb aboard. The strong scent of pine will fill your heart with joy, and the spectacular views will add some extra magic to your experience. At Paltin station, locals will welcome you dressed in traditional Romanian costumes, with a traditional picnic.

Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Brașov 

This stunning location boasts the title of the world's largest brown bear sanctuary. Spanning 69 hectares of pine forests, it provides a natural habitat for over 100 captive bears that have suffered from abuse and inhumane conditions in zoos. Here, they can recover and live in a natural environment similar to their homes.

Visitors can witness these majestic creatures in their genuine and awe-inspiring beauty, free from the constraints of cages found in zoos. The Sanctuary's mission is to offer brown bears and other creatures a chance to flourish naturally. It gives hope to animals that have known only misery.

By opting to include this Add-on in your holiday, you will have the chance to witness Romanian brown bears in their natural habitat and make a significant contribution towards the Sanctuary's development and support their vital work.

 Additional Days in Bucharest

Bucharest is an urban oasis of adventure that satisfies all tastes. It has everything from art events to unique architecture and vibrant nightlife. The Old Town (Centrul Vechi) is the city's heart, pulsing with life and color while offering a diverse range of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

You can visit the National Art Museum or the History Museum, which has over 60 separate exhibition halls full of evidence of Romania's rich history, sure to captivate any visitor's interest.   

The Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum is a must-see in Bucharest, boasting an open-air display of traditional architecture from every corner of Romania. It fascinates and exhibits the country's diverse and captivating rural legacy.

Among these landmarks, you'll discover superb parks and some well-hidden gems close to the city, perfect for a one-day trip. The romantic Mogosoaia Palace, built in a Brâncovenesc architectural style, is one of them. It is located near Mogosoaia Lake and is surrounded by the most spectacular garden. The serene lakes surrounding the islet Monastery in Snagov and the 17th-century Căldărușani Monastery will leave you enchanted. Perched on headlands and embraced by nature, these monasteries are not only a sight to behold but also a peaceful place for reflection.

These are only some examples of creating a trip adapted to your preferences and needs. At Balkan Trails, we are experts in finding the most stunning landmarks and experiences for you. 

Contact us now for a specially tailored tour of Romania and Bulgaria! We guarantee that you will return home with unforgettable memories.

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