What to visit in Bulgaria in Spring?
You will want to catch Spring in Bulgaria as a traveler through the Balkans! The astonishing beauty of nature is like nothing you’ve seen before, all green blooming fields, colorful gardens, golden beaches, and the mighty mountains still snow-capped on the peaks looking over the whole landscape. Sounds heavenly, right? Travelers love to see Bulgaria […] Continue reading

Unique travel experiences - Bulgaria's Culinary Tours
Take advantage of this hidden Balkan gem: Bulgaria! Well hidden in Southeastern Europe, this beautiful country is an excellent mixture between the  Black Sea coast and majestic mountains. Bulgaria has stunning landscapes, golden beaches, colorful festivals, unique traditions, and tasty cuisine! Due to its geographical position, Bulgarian food culture has been influenced since ancient times […] Continue reading

10 reasons why you should travel to Bulgaria
Many people outside the Balkan region are surprised to discover that Bulgaria is WAY prettier than expected. Many miss out on how beautiful and diverse this country is, how the natural landscapes leave you breathless, how the beaches clear your mind, and how the people welcome you like one of their own! So, in today’s […] Continue reading

Romania's Castles Complete Guide (and their Legends)
From the fairy-tale beauty of its forests and mountains to centuries-old fortresses and castles telling the stories of a tumultuous past, Romania holds a wealth of history waiting to be explored. Throughout its history, Romania has faced several confrontations with foreign powers trying to exert control over its territory. Many empires attempted to conquer this […] Continue reading

Unique travel experiences - Learn the history and skills of Romanian pottery artisans
Countless pottery styles have developed over the centuries in Romania due to its rich history and diverse geography. In this article, we will explore the history of pottery in this Balkan region and the aesthetic of these styles. The Neolithic population used clay to create various objects, including cooking vessels, storage jars, and figurines (people, […] Continue reading

Why travel to Romania in March?
Are you dreaming of a unique travel experience in Europe? If so, Romania is a great destination, with diverse geography and experiences that will make your trip memorable! Whether you’re planning a visit to Bucovina, exploring Transylvania’s castle-lined hills, or enjoying the seaside beauty of its beaches – this East European country has something for […] Continue reading

What to wear if you travel to Romania in Spring?
Are you wondering what clothes to pack when traveling to Romania? Luckily, you stumbled upon this article that will tell you all about it! Romania is situated in the north of the Balkans, in Eastern Europe. It falls within the temperate zone, and its local climate has pronounced continental features. Dressing in layers will help […] Continue reading

Unique experiences in Romania. Explore the ancient Carpathians forests by steam train!
Romania is a destination with astonishing scenery, friendly people, and unforgettable experiences. If you’re looking for a unique adventure for your Balkan trip, we have good news: check out what the Carpathian trails offer!  The Carpathian Mountains represent more than 900 km of Romanian territory. They are shaped like an arch separating Transylvania from the […] Continue reading

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Transylvania - What do to in Transylvania in 2023
Exploring Romania is a choice you will never regret making! This country should be on the top of your travel list with its mix of spectacular nature, unique architecture, medieval cities, history, delicious cuisine, and friendly culture.  If you’re worried about safety, this might come as a surprise, but Romania is a very safe country! […] Continue reading

Is it safe to travel to Romania?
Is it SAFE to travel to Romania?  You might be surprised, but despite what you might have heard, Romania is one of the safest countries to travel to.  Romania is located in the Southeastern part of Europe, bordering the Black Sea. This country is not only astonishingly beautiful because of its nature but incredibly friendly […] Continue reading

Romanian and Bulgarian spring traditions. One more reason to visit the Balkans in spring!
One of the best seasons to visit Balkan countries is, for sure, Spring! The beginning of the season is still quite cold. But, you can easily recognize Winter’s goodbyes by simply looking around and admiring the snowdrops. Romania and Bulgaria are well known for their beautiful landscapes during this time, but also for their Spring […] Continue reading

Forget Dracula, Here Are 13 Authentic Experiences You Can’t Miss in Romania
There’s no escaping that one of Transylvania’s most recognizable exports is the legend of Count Dracula—and it’s fascinating to trace his history with a Dracula tour of all the significant places in his life. But Romania is way more than just the Transylvania of Bram Stoker’s imagination. It’s lively cities, spectacular scenery, incredible castles, fabulous […] Continue reading

Brasov - rich history in the heart of Romania
Brasov is considered to be the heart of Romania. It is one of the country’s most important economic and cultural cities, and if you are on a Romania tour, you will most likely spend some time here. Settled along one of the oldest trade routes between Wallachia, Moldavia, and Transylvania, this splendid city is full of […] Continue reading

Alba Iulia – a City of Historic Immortality in Romania!
Located in the heart of Transylvania, bordered by the clear waters of the Mures River on the east and by splendid and lofty hills on the west, surrounded by the waters of the Ampoiu River rushing through fertile fields, the city of Alba Iulia is always ready to receive enthusiastic guests and share with them countless […] Continue reading