Jack and Varsha Shah (United States)

Your tour company took us to six countries from Bulgaria to Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Republic of Moldova and Serbia. This required lots of planning on your part and it worked out very well. Going through immigration and customs, driving through roads and providing  hotels and guide facilities, all were perfect. Only an experienced tour company could plan so well.  We must have seen countless beautiful churches, museums, Unesco sights, gardens and cities. Indeed these countries are like heaven. Cultural shows and visit to Gypsy family was  great.

We are back from long Balkan tour of 28 days, treasuring memories of Balkan people, customs, way of living and nature.  These countries  have unique culture and very long history of war and peace. Now that all things are politically stable, it is fascinating to visit and discover Balkan. We think it is very opportune time to visit for anyone.

Among all, I like to thank you for having great team of guides and drivers. They were not only excellent and defensive drivers but with great knowledge of each location visited and they provided us with in depth history. Having access to internet in the cars was very useful. Stoyan , Catalin as well as Zlatan were very helpful  and accommodative on all aspect of the trip. For such a long trip, they became like our family friends.

It was also indeed nice of you  and your wife to stop by  and meet us and take us out for lunch. Wine and chocolates, you left in the hotel shows your generosity and it represents how much you care for each and every client. This only happens when you love what you do and indeed you both do.

Now that we are spoiled by your services, we will only take private tours of the other countries. With tour company like yours it is so easy.

Jack and Varsha Shah (United States)
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