Mr. & Mrs. Allen Poulson (Unites States)

This was a tour I booked at the last minute. What I liked about the process was that I had immediate feedback from your company on any questions
I had. You were also very prompt in letting me know about what was going on such as a Best Western Hotel you booked to replace
Hotel Casa Humor in Gura Humorului because of our late booking. The one small negative on the tour was our 2 night stay in Gura Humorului,
as there wasn’t a lot to do. I would have preferred to be somewhere with a few more shops. However it was no big deal and perhaps with the logistics
Gura Humorului was the best option.

Also, you were prompt in informing me who my guide, Valentin, would be along with his phone number. I felt that you kept up-to-date on meeting me at the bus
station and picking my wife and I up at the hotel in Bucharest the first morning. One of the best things about the tour was the fact that I knew what to expect and the flexibility was also nice. From my viewpoint it is important to keep people informed and you did an excellent job of this.

Concerning Val, our tour guide:

He was waiting at the bus station in Bucharest to pick us up when we arrived from Sofia and each morning always met us at our hotel at the appointed time.
Val went out of his was to accommodate us anyway he could. I needed to drop a package in Bucharest which he helped us do on our way out of Bucharest
the first morning and made sure the package got to the right people and made a follow up phone call. Val was very knowledgeable about everything and
was a good driver, not taking unnecessary chances. He gave suggestions about changing money at banks and each day he selected excellent restaurants
and had dinner with us, which we enjoyed. We were sorry to have the gypsy dinner cancelled but Val, in lieu of that, did buy our dinner that day.

He was very honest in any dealings I had with him. I also like the fact that he kept the car cleaned, gassed each evening and ready to go. Val was a very
knowledgeable person and helped us in and out of the car. (We are an older couple) Val did everything he could for us to have an excellent tour.
Thanks to Val and your company for making this a great experience.
Romania is a beautiful country.

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Poulson (Unites States)
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