Valerie Kleindienst (Australia)

I am totally satisfied with everything we did, I think you put such a lot of thought into it all that you did not leave much to improve upon.

The two guides were excellent, we very much enjoyed their company as well as being able to rely on them for good translations and communication with locals. I appreciated having a Bulgarian guide in Bulgaria and a Romanian guide in Romania.

We did enjoy having the flexibility of going off the route slightly to check out the village of Breb which I mentioned to Catalin that I had read about and was curious to see. It was a most enjoyable experience and it was especially nice just to walk around a village that was not on a particular tourist route and be greeted by the locals. One man even invited us into his yard to show off his animals and cane woven products.

Meeting the Gypsies was also of great interest to me, as I did not know much about them apart from what I have read. It would be good to enlarge upon that part of the tour maybe for those who are interested.

Di and I both had a wonderful experience and we thank you so much for arranging it all for us. We will certainly contact you in the future when we wish to return to this part of the world.

Valerie Kleindienst (Australia)


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