Day trip to Plovdiv and Koprivshtitsa

Today, depart Sofia with your guide for a lovely day trip into the Sredna Gora Mountains.

Visit Koprivshtitsa, a beautiful town famous for hundreds of examples of Bulgarian National Revival architecture. Colorful houses dot the landscape, and many can be explored; you’ll witness the daily life and traditions of days gone by. Elements of Bulgarian folkloric culture, such as textiles and jewelry, have been treasured and carefully preserved here for posterity. Koprivshtitsa also marks the location of the first shot fired in the decisive revolt against the Ottoman Turks in 1876.

Next, move on to Plovdiv, a major urban center for arts and culture first settled 6,000 years ago by the Thracians. Today, you can still view the Roman City, which includes the Roman Theater and the ruins of the enormous 2nd-century Ancient Stadium, built under Emperor Hadrian for the purpose of holding 30,000 spectators during major athletic events.

Later on, spend time touring the fabulous Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv, which features a gorgeous curvilinear roofline and interior ceilings carved of wood. Built in 1847, it was originally a merchant’s private home, and now serves as the venue for six beautifully-curated exhibits addressing specific aspects of Bulgarian traditional culture.

In the late afternoon, join your guide for your return to Sofia.

Tour Length:
8 to 10 hours
Places Visited:
Koprivshtitsa (walking tour) | Plovdiv (walking tour, the Roman Theatre and the Ethnographical Museum)
Total Distance Traveled:
370 km / 230 mi