What to visit in Bulgaria in Spring?

You will want to catch Spring in Bulgaria as a traveler through the Balkans! The astonishing beauty of nature is like nothing you've seen before, all green blooming fields, colorful gardens, golden beaches, and the mighty mountains still snow-capped on the peaks looking over the whole landscape. Sounds heavenly, right?

Travelers love to see Bulgaria during the warm seasons, and who can blame them?! Everywhere you go and everywhere you look, there is something to see and something to do!

What landmarks do you have on your itinerary? Here are a few ideas for you to add to your trip:

Places to Visit in Bulgaria in Spring

Here are some of the perfect destinations to see in Bulgaria this time of year. They are all a guaranteed delight for all your senses and perfect for creating unique memories in this gorgeous country.

Krushuna Waterfalls and the Devetashka Cave

Located between the villages of Krushevo and Mladen, not far from Sevlievo, the Krushuna Waterfalls is a site to remember. The water is mesmerizing, and its crystal-almost green color is well complemented by the travertine rocks underneath them, making it radiant. The photos you will take here will be dreamy with such an out-of-this-world background! 

Krushuna Waterfalls

Krushuna Waterfalls

Only 16 km from the waterfalls area, you will find another natural wonder worth visiting: The Devetashka Cave! Locals call this cave: Maarata or Oknata for its seven different-sized holes in the ceiling. 

Through each of these openings, sunlight penetrates and illuminates the central hall. The cave widens about 40 meters after the entrance, forming a spacious 2,400 square meters foyer. The hall's height is 60 meters; in some places, it reaches even 100 meters! What is even more interesting about this place? This cave is 70 000 years old and the cozy home of over 30.000 bats! 

Devetashka Cave

Devetashka Cave

Veliko Tarnovo

The old town of Veliko Tarnovo was once the center of the Second Bulgarian Empire and is now bursting with historical sites, splendid architecture, and exciting museums - great to visit in Spring! The truth is that this romantic place has its charm in every season! This small, picturesque town is home to one of Europe's grandest ancient monuments: the Tsarevets Fortress. 

Today, this monument is open to visitors and hosts sound, and light shows that depict the old times or just psychedelic effects to emphasize the glorious aura of this fortress. 

Tsarevets Fortress

Tsarevets Fortress

The Stone Mushrooms

The Stone Mushrooms & The Petrified Wedding are situated in the Eastern Rhodopes, close to Kardzhali and preceding the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon. 

The shapes of the formations have been purely made by nature for thousands of years. The processes affecting the rocks are erosion, volcanic activity, rain, and the wind. The rock formations are awe-inspiring. They are colored white, pink, green, and blue due to the compounds and minerals they contain.  

Stone Mushrooms

Stone Mushrooms

These unusually shaped rocks are right near the road, so you can't miss them. You can see them for free and take amazing Spring photos!

The Seven Rila Lakes 

You will find a piece of paradise on the top of the Rila Mountains! The Seven Rila Lakes have a glacial origin and look like they were once part of a fairytale world. Once you're in the Bansko region, you must take your time and visit this incredible and unique natural landmark. 

They make a great one-day trip and will give you a good idea of what hiking in Bulgaria looks and feels like in Spring!

The Seven Rila Lakes

The Seven Rila Lakes

The Rose Valley

The Rose Valley is one of the most popular attractions in Bulgaria, not only for the fantastic pictures you can take here but also for the surreal feeling of being surrounded by so much beauty and unique perfume. 

The Rose Valley is frequently called the Valley of Thracian Kings, having over 1500 tombs in the region and only 300 officially reviewed by archaeologists. Another way to have fun in the valley during Spring is to visit the numerous wineries and have a tasting!

The Rose Valley 

The Rose Valley 

Bekovi Rocks and Belogradchik Fortress

Bekovi rocks are massive sandstone and limestone rock formations near the village of Ravnogod; They formed over millions of years by natural compression and are now a top-rated local tourist site as they have been designated as a national landmark.

The Bekovi Rocks

The entire area of Belogradchik Fortress is more than 100,000 square feet. The walls are 6.5 feet thick at their base and 40 feet high. What is even crazier? Over 200 million years ago, the breathtaking rock formations around the fortress we see today were once seabed. A wonder to behold, a true testament to time and nature's mighty power.

Lavender Fields 

Lavender fields forever? At least in the warm seasons, Bulgaria is the place to visit for that! 

Over the past years, Bulgaria has become the world's largest lavender oil producer. In fact, Bulgaria heavily produces and exports rose and lavender oil, flowers being highly-priced here. You can even find and purchase honey created by bees roaming in these purple fields.

Shumen and Dobrich are famous for this, but they are not the only regions where you can see lavender fields at the end of Spring. You should also consider locations like Buzludzha Mountain, Yambol, Straldzha, Pazardzhik, Tyulenovo, and the Rose Valley. 

Lavender Fields in Bulgaria

Lavender Fields in Bulgaria

Melnik Wine & Earth Pyramids

A glass of wine goes along really well with a European trip during Spring! 

Bulgaria is home to numerous wineries where you can savor excellent wine blends. Many acclaimed wines have originated from this country. Some wine-making facilities provide guests with tasting sessions and authentic, immersive experiences. Plan a visit to some of these Bulgarian wineries to explore and indulge in their diverse range of wines.

Spice up your Spring travel and stop at the town of Melnik, the smallest in Bulgaria, to marvel at the stunning Melnik Earth Pyramids surrounding it. In this region, you can visit wineries like Villa Melnik - situated in Bulgaria's Struma River Valley with breathtaking views of the Pirin and Belasitsa Mountains.

The Melnik Earth Pyramids

The Melnik Earth Pyramids

Bulgarian Spring is so much fun!

Take advantage of the opportunity of enjoying this Balkan country to the maximum. Spring season in Bulgaria is all about natural beauty and fun activities! You can go hiking, see ancient towns and fortresses, or take a stroll on the Black Sea coast. Moreover, you can dive into the food culture and make many friends since Bulgarians are warm, welcoming people.

Plan your travel much faster and more efficient, and contact the best tour operator in the region! With Balkan Trails, Spring in Bulgaria will be an unforgettable experience personalized to your tastes and needs. 

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