The Danube Delta

From Bucharest, take a leisurely drive to the harbor city of Tulcea. Founded in the 7th century B.C., Tulcea today is a thriving center for music and the arts. Along the way, make a stop in Constanta (Tomis of antiquity, founded in 600 B.C.). You’ll have the opportunity to tour the Archeological Museum, which contains thousands of items dating from prehistoric times to the mid-20th century. The multi-story Roman Mosaics, begun in the 4th century to house the city’s trading district, are also here. Spend some time walking along the breathtaking seafront promenade, and be sure to check out the 1910 art nouveau Casino, an abandoned symbol of luxurious times past.

Continuing along the Black Sea coast, you’ll visit the ancient Greek port of Histria, the oldest known city in all of Romania. Continuously inhabited for 14 centuries, the settlement famously centered upon trade, fishing, and agriculture and provided sustenance to the greater region until an earthquake closed off access to the Black Sea. The monument features an extensive array of Archaic and Classical Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman layers of archeological discovery. Three surviving temples dedicated to Apollo, Zeus, and Aphrodite still dot the landscape, and their ruins stand as a panoramic testament to Romania’s deep history. A small museum houses a collection of ancient inscriptions and sculptures found on-site.

Upon arrival in Tulcea, take a boat transfer to Crisan, in the heart of the Danube Delta. Here, you’ll spend the night in a lovely bed and breakfast and enjoy home-cooked meals featuring local, freshly-caught fish.

In the morning, depart on a spectacular adventure: an in-depth exploration of the complex ecosystems, wetlands, and lagoons of the Danube Delta. You’ll explore in your private boat, under the expert guidance of a Danube Delta guide. This expansive preserve, a paradise for birdwatchers and nature-lovers, provides habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna and encompasses essential migratory routes for over 300 species of birds. Keep your eyes open for herons, pelicans, ducks, swans, and, if lucky, even wild horses. You’ll return home with memories of vivid beauty.

At the end of your stay, return to Bucharest for the next stage of your journey.