Why Us

Hi there! Here are some of the reasons we believe we’re your best choice for a private tour to Bulgaria and Romania:

#1 We only do private, tailored tours

This means the only people joining the tour are you and your family and/or friends. We do not load up the vehicle with strangers from various hotels. And we work with you in advance to make sure you get the trip YOU want. No two people are the same, so why would you want someone else’s itinerary? Customizations to a tour include pacing changes, included sights, a different selection of hotels, and more. We dare you to surprise us 🙂

#2 We live there

Zoe is Bulgarian, Vlad is Romanian. These countries are our home. We also have over 20 years of experience in leading and creating incredible journeys and tailor-made private tours in our home countries. We started as local guides in the late ’90s, moved on to international tour leading, and then decided we can do better than most tours we’d seen and run. This is how Balkan Trails was born in 2009.

#3 Friendly and knowledgeable guides

The testimonials you can read online or on our site result from the quality of our guides. They are all very experienced, have deep and firsthand knowledge of their countries, and a passionate desire to share it with you. Our guides speak great English, are flexible and communicative, and use their local knowledge and connections to make the most of the opportunities that might appear along your route.  They’re also the ones who make sure your trip goes smoothly, taking care of everyday logistics and planning.

Our guides are essential to us, and we always endeavor to have a relationship based on fairness and respect. Over the last 11 years, we’re proud to have become the company of choice for some of Bulgaria and Romania’s best guides.

#4 We’re on hand 24/7

From your first email to us, throughout the duration of your tour, until you return home, we are with you. Zoe or Vlad (the owners of the company) will be the ones designing your itinerary and then keeping an eye on your tour. We’ll be in touch during the tour, and we’re never far if you need to get in touch. Want to make changes on the go? Not an issue. We’re on hand 24/7 during your tour to make sure nothing ruins your experience. We worry about the little things before you even think of them. 

#5 We’re flexible

You want to change the included sights or the hotel. Extend or shorten your trip. Add a few friends or relatives. We believe in flexibility – after all, that’s why you’re going for a private tour.

#6 Unforgettable experiences 

On our tours, you’ll get a mix of well-known sights and hidden gems. We’re always looking for new experiences we can add to our tours. We want you to experience our countries, not just observe them. We’ll take you closer to the country, its culture, and people so that you’ll return home having seen and experienced your destination in a way that other travelers might never have.

#7 Incredible value

While we agree a private tour may not the cheapest way to travel, we firmly believe it offers the best possible value (and our past travelers agree!). Just get in touch – you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how our fees compare against companies who will put you on a bus with 30 more strangers and tell you that’s the way to go.

#8 We love extras 

We’re proud of always going the extra mile to make sure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons. We love offering a bunch of little extras to make a trip with us an unforgettable experience. We’d love to share more about them, but we’d hate to ruin the surprise! We’ll ask you to trust us: after all, we’ve done this before.

#9 We’re fully certified

We are a fully licensed Romanian tour operator company, and we’re insured in case of bankruptcy. This means for you: your booking and your tour are protected by law, and the money you pay us goes right back into the local economies of the countries you visit. 

Your bucket list just got a whole lot cooler!

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