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If you want to discover Romania, why join a bus tour that has a similar price with a private tour, but which is based on an itinerary designed to please “most people” on the tour, when you can have a private tour designed and built for you, closely following your particular interests in Romania?

Some of the important features of our Romania tours are:

• unlimited options for having any of our tours of Romania customized, before they start, at no additional cost

• increased flexibility of your travel experience – yes, your guide and our office team will help with changes on the go, even after the tour has started!

• private transportation, and the services of a local, licensed guide/driver. Not only do they have extensive knowledge on their country and are eager to share it with you, but they also speak excellent English!

• hotels in the centre of towns, great for exploring on own. Many of the hotels we work with are located in historical buildings. All of them have ensuite bathrooms and excellent facilities 

So, have a look at the itineraries below, pick one (or more), get in touch, and let’s talk about your tour!

• Transylvania tour (4 nights)

Bucharest – Sibiu – Sighisoara – Bran – Brasov – Sinaia – Bucharest

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The shortest of our tours of Romania, based on an itinerary that covers southern (Saxon) Transylvania, featuring the Medieval cities of Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov and their famous landmarks.

An itinerary designed for travelers who may not have a lot of time for covering all of Romania, but are interested in discovering Transylvania, probably the most famous region of the country.

• Dracula tour in Transylvania (5 nights)

Bucharest – Curtea de Arges – Poienari Fortress – Sibiu – Biertan – Sighisoara – Bran Castle – Brasov – Peles Castle – Snagov Monastery – Bucharest

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A best – seller among our tours of Romania, the Dracula tour covers approximately the same sights as the Transylvania tour (see above). However, the travel experience is more relaxed (5 nights instead of 4), and the tour focuses more on sights related to Vlad the Impaler, the historical character on which Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel is based on.

You will visit the Poienari Fortress (Dracula’s actual fortress, perched high in the Carpathian Mountains) and his supposed resting place at the Snagov Monastery north of Bucharest. We also offer a great opportunity to learn more about the Gypsies, probably the most controversial ethnic group in Romania, by joining a Transylvanian Gypsy family for a home hosted dinner.

• Bucovina UNESCO monasteries tour (5 nights)

Bucharest – Sinaia – Bran – Brasov – Gura Humorului – Bucharest

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An itinerary designed for the travelers interested in discovering some of the most famous examples of religious architecture in Romania – the UNESCO – listed painted monasteries of Bucovina.

This itinerary includes a glimpse of Transylvania (the medieval city of Brasov), but it focuses on the picturesque region of Bucovina (northeastern Romania). You will discover the most famous four of the painted monasteries, all of them listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Humble in size, totally astonishing when in comes to their surprisingly well – preserved frescoes.

The painted churches were built in the 15th and 16th centuries and the frescoes follow the Byzantine style, predominant for the Orthodox churches in Eastern Europe. They present faith as the only source of stability in times of turmoil and suffering, as at that point in history, the country was often attacked and plundered by the Ottoman Turks.

Among the four monasteries, the Voronet painted monastery is without a doubt the highlight. Famous for its “Last Judgement” fresco covering a whole exterior wall and sporting a predominant vivid blue background, it is dubbed the “Sistine Chapel of the East”

• Transylvania & Bucovina tour (7 nights)

Bucharest – Brasov – Bucovina (painted monasteries) – Sighisoara – Sibiu  – Bucharest

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This is an itinerary which focuses on two of Romania’s most famous historical regions – Transylvania and Bucovina. Before reaching Transylvania, however, you will also experience the southern region of Wallachia and some of its highlights: the Romanian capital city of Bucharest, the former princely capital at Curtea de Arges and discover the ruins of Dracula’s actual fortress, at Poienari.

Continuing your tour, you will discover  citadels, fortified churches, medieval cities such as Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov and enjoy the Saxon, Central European feel this area has to offer.

Crossing the Carpathians, you will enter Bucovina, one of the most picturesque regions of the country. Here you will discover the world – famous painted monasteries. All the monasteries you will visit are listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

• Highlights of Romania (8 nights)

Bucharest – Curtea de Arges – Sibiu – Sighisoara – Maramures – Bucovina (painted monasteries) – Brasov – Bran Castle – Sinaia – Bucharest

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Limited on time, but still eager to explore the most famous sights Romania has to offer? No worries, it can be done!

This tour covers the most important historical regions of Romania: Wallachia (with Bucharest and Curtea de Arges), Transylvania (and its citadels, fortified churches and the cities of Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov), Maramures (with the wooden churches, the Merry Cemetery and colorful local markets) and Bucovina (famous for its painted monasteries).

And since we know interacting with locals and tasting local food is a great way to discover a country’s culture, we have also included two home hosted dinners and a private folklore show in Maramures!

• Romania revealed (11 nights)

Bucharest – Sinaia – Bran – Brasov – Bucovina (painted monasteries) – Maramures – Cluj Napoca – Sighisoara – Sibiu – Targu Jiu –  Bucharest

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Among our Romania tours, this itinerary offers the most comprehensive experience for travelers looking to have a behind – the – scenes look at Romania.

All important historical regions are included, with all their representative sights. Romania’s south region (with Bucharest, Curtea de Arges, Targu Jiu and the spectacular Horezu monastery), Transylvania (with its gems – the medieval cities of Sibiu, Brasov and Sighisoara), Bucovina (and its world famous UNESCO – listed painted monasteries) and Maramures (with its picturesque scenery, well preserved traditions and wooden churches).

And that is not all! We know that sightseeing may be interesting and exciting, but in order to truly understand a people, interaction with locals is a must. That is why, on this tour, you will enjoy two home hosted dinners in Maramures (one of them featuring a private folklore show performed by villagers), one home hosted lunch in Bucovina, in the home of a famous egg – painting artist (what a great opportunity to learn more about this ancient craft!) and also, for the first time on our Romania tours, we also offer a home hosted dinner with a family of Transylvanian Gypsies (a great chance to learn more about this often controversial ethnic group).

All of the above, combined with a relaxed pacing and centrally located hotels! Want to truly understand Romania and the Romanians? Then this it the tour for you!

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