Is it SAFE to travel to Romania?  You might be surprised, but despite what you might have heard, Romania is one of the safest countries to travel to.  Romania is located in the Southeastern part of Europe, bordering the Black Sea. This country is not only astonishingly beautiful because of its nature but incredibly friendly and welcoming towards foreigners.

You should know that a vacation here will be one of a kind! The delicious food, the beautiful traditions and culture, the warmth of the people, the places full of history, and the more than affordable day-to-day living is what you can expect from Romania.   

Let us talk SAFETY!

Romania is super safe! It might surprise you or not: the chances of being assaulted in Romania are far less than in the US or other countries in Western Europe. Romania is generally peaceful, but be aware of your surroundings as a tourist!   Stuff like mugging, break-ins, and other more dangerous violations, rarely happen in Romania, which can easily have us say that Romania is not a threatening country to visit or live in.

This article will help you take those extra precautions, whether you choose dancing in nightclubs, shopping for souvenirs, or making new friends who might want to charge you for their help. Remember that locals can always tell you are a tourist, and they might take advantage of that.   

Transport Risks and Road Safety in Romania

Generally, transport in Romania is safe. If your journey starts in Bucharest – the capital city, be aware that the traffic is quite heavy. Therefore, if you plan to drive around the city, do it patiently and by following the traffic rules.

One thing to remember when visiting the big cities is to try and make taxis your last resort. It is not a must, but remember that most taxi drivers tend to scam tourists into paying more for the ride or not even turning on the meter. Avoid overcharging by checking the taxi companies and their pricing ahead or go digital and opt for a transport app like Bolt or Uber.

Regarding the rest of the country, if you are traveling by car, know that the main roads are usually not a problem, but be aware that their condition is variable while secondary roads can be in a bad state of repair and will, for sure, slow you down. Be wary of double-parked cars, people suddenly braking to avoid potholes, horse-drawn carts, and livestock running in front of the vehicle, especially in rural areas.   

Pickpocketing and Theft in Romania

The risk of theft exists, especially in Bucharest and other big cities. Avoiding crowds will keep you safe from bag snatchers and pickpocketing. Be alert in areas like shops, public transport, train stations, exchanges, or even hotels. Thefts from hotel rooms can sometimes happen – so hide all electronics and money when you leave your room. You can also use the vault, if available, for your peace of mind. 

Generally, when you find yourself in crowded areas, keep your valuable belongings hidden or in a closed bag in front of you. That way, you can stay away from any trouble.  Even though this kind of crime is frequent among tourists, it is still rare compared to other big European cities. So, with prevention methods and a bit of staying on your toes, you will be safe!

Another piece of advice we give to all tourists reaching out to us is travel insurance! Make sure you have one because it would, in case of any emergency, cover all costs of any medical problems, as well as in cases of theft or loss of personal items.  

Tips for Exchanging Money in Romania

Romania has its own currency called “leu” or “RON.” This means you must exchange whatever money you have for this specific currency. Always watch out when exchanging money. Try to do it only in the official exchange offices after you check the Romanian National Bank’s (BNR) rates online!

For cash: Use only ATMs in banks, exchanges, and shopping centers, especially at night! You can mostly pay with a card everywhere in Romania, which means you can get by only using small amounts of cash. No need to risk getting scammed! Cash in small banknotes is preferable since you will use those for tipping, souvenirs, or street food.    

Safety Tips If You Enjoy the Nightlife

Bucharest’s Old Town is probably Romania’s most popular nightlife spot. Club culture is quite big here, but so are overcharged menus, spiked drinks, and overly friendly strangers. If you are a fan of parties, good music, and crazy lights, you will enjoy the clubs of Bucharest. But here’s what you need to know to stay safe: The first tip would be to always keep an eye on your glass! Drink spiking is quite common, targeting local and foreign women and men.

Try to keep your head as clear as possible, track your drinking, and maybe even use some method to protect your cup – cup covers are quite popular nowadays!  Regarding all the new “friends” you will be surrounded by: just remember not to accept food, drinks, gum, or cigarettes from people you have just met. Bring your own snacks and buy your own drinks. “Better safe than sorry” is valid when enjoying the nightlife!

Like in all countries, when traveling, watch out for scammers. Try and plan ahead, double-check your bookings and routes, negotiate all fees, and be careful when making new friends. If you take into account these safety aspects, you’ll enjoy Romania to its fullest and embrace all it has to offer. With such a low crime rate, the majestic snowy Carpathians, the green hills capped with charming forests and vineyards, the Black Sea with its sunny beaches, and the largest and best-preserved delta in Europe, Romania has something exciting to offer to all explorers. 

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