Are you wondering what clothes to pack when traveling to Romania? Luckily, you stumbled upon this article that will tell you all about it! Romania is situated in the north of the Balkans, in Eastern Europe. It falls within the temperate zone, and its local climate has pronounced continental features. Dressing in layers will help you with the temperature changes during the day, whatever time of year you visit, especially in Spring and Autumn, when the weather can be pretty unpredictable.

Usually, the temperature range in Spring falls somewhere between 8-20 degrees Celsius (46-68 degrees Fahrenheit). However, if you plan to go hiking or anywhere at high altitudes, you may be surprised to find lots of snow and temperatures of 0 degrees and below (below 30 degrees Fahrenheit). Late Spring is probably one of the best moments to travel to Romania. The weather is usually friendly and warm, and numerous perks come along with visiting during March, April, and May. Are you curious about some of the unique traditions and customs to experience in Romania during these months?

Packing for Spring in Romania

Even though early April is ideal for visiting, remember that the weather in Romania is forever unpredictable. The days are mild and pleasant during Spring, but the nights get chilly, so pack those extra layers!

Daytime outfit tips

Romanians dress comfortably and casually during the day. Still, you can tell there is a touch of style to it, or as we like to call it: Eastern European flair. Bomber jackets are equally popular as well-tailored leather ones. As for color palettes, people tend to go for neutrals such as gray, black, or even beige tones.  As a tourist in this country, you should be aware of the local fashion trends but not feel confined by them. Opt for outfits that suit your personality, as well as your needs. Consider the practical aspect of your visit: you will be on the go a lot, walking, using public transport, or visiting dusty historical sites. 

For the daytime, our recommendation is to stick with the basics! Pack your favorite jeans, some comfy T-shirts, a raincoat, and a sweater are mandatory, as well as a thick sports jacket or a hoodie. Regarding shoes, you keep it simple: a pair of sneakers and some ankle boots are more than enough!

What to wear if you go hiking in Romania

Hiking culture is a big part of Romania. The natural sites, the mighty Carpathian Mountains, and the evergreen forests are the best part for tourists that enjoy the outdoors!

Hiking requires some extra precautions for clothing: pack additional layers, water-proof ones, and use hiking footwear! Jackets with thick lining, lots of pockets, and a hood would be optimal. Look into some hiking gear recommendations, such as boots, fleece clothing, a windbreaker, long-sleeve shirts, and a sweat-wicking base layer. Also, you can use a buff and sunglasses to cover your head and eyes. The cold temperatures don’t make you immune to heatstroke. Sun can be powerful even if it’s cold outside.  Another thing you should pay attention to is the backpack! You can find some inspiration for it here.

Night-time outfit tips

This section of the article is for night owls! No matter how you plan to spend the night in a foreign city, there are some things to consider about your appearance. If we are only talking about taking a walk, there is no doubt you need to put on a beanie and a warm jacket. This is valid, especially if you visit mountain cities like Brașov, Sibiu, or Sighișoara.

If clubs and restaurants are more on your radar, maybe pack a statement piece! Jeans are also acceptable, but you should elevate them with a chic blazer and some accessories. At least, that is what Romanians tend to do, so if you want to blend in, this information might come in handy. 🙂

Clothing tips for women traveling to Romania

Tourists are often curious if women have to dress a certain way when coming to an Eastern European country like Romania. The truth is there are no regulations on that. The only restrictions that might come up are in religious sites.

If your itinerary includes churches, monasteries, or other worship places, bear in mind to pack a large scarf you can cover your head with, although that’s not necessary everywhere. If you’re traveling in late Spring and wearing shorts, get a long skirt in your bag, it might be handy later. If you don’t have these items with you, don’t panic. It’s not a mandatory rule, but more about being respectful. People are really understanding and will not say anything if you’re missing a clothing piece. In the best-case scenario, they might even try to help you with some borrowed items! 

Other tips

Some other things to consider packing are a small umbrella, quick-dry towels, comfortable slippers for your hotel room, or even some sandals in case it gets crazy hot outside.

After reading this complete guide on how to dress for your next Romanian adventure, you should already be packing! Another crucial thing to take into consideration when traveling is general safety. No worries! You can read all about it here.

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