10 reasons why you should travel to Bulgaria

Many people outside the Balkan region are surprised to discover that Bulgaria is WAY prettier than expected. Many miss out on how beautiful and diverse this country is, how the natural landscapes leave you breathless, how the beaches clear your mind, and how the people welcome you like one of their own! So, in today’s post, we want to show you some of the reasons why travelers  fall in love with this country, and after making a first trip here, many wish to return.

1. Bulgaria's Spectacular Nature

Bulgaria has well-preserved nature!

Seven Rila lakes

the Seven Rila Lakes

The continental-Mediterranean climate and the country’s diverse geography combine uniquely. This is why we can find an extraordinary richness of flora and fauna in Bulgaria. People who enjoy sightseeing and are generally outdoorsy love to explore Bulgaria’s majestic mountains.

Bulgaria boasts several natural reserves that allow visitors to experience pristine beauty. Short trips to these areas reveal picturesque lakes, charming waterfalls, astonishing caves, and breathtaking panoramic views that leave you spellbound.

Here are some locations that we recommend you add to your list:  

  • Vitosha Mountain, just next to Sofia, offers lots of hiking routes; 
  • the Seven Rila Lakes; 
  • the Stob Pyramids near the Rila Monastery, a natural landmark; 
  • the Melnik Pyramids; 
  • the Iskar Gorge; 
  • the Ledenika Cave; 
  • the Belogradchik Rocks. 
belogradchik rocks

The Belogradchik Rocks

For Instagram-worthy photoshoots, you can visit the Rose Valley in May and the beginning of June, the sunflower fields next to Varna, or the epic lavender fields near Buzludzha mountain! 

The Rose Valley

2. Bulgaria's Cities Rich in History

With an Ottoman, Thracian, and Roman background, you can imagine how visiting the ancient cities of Bulgaria will take you on a historical journey. Rich historical sites like the famous Rila Monastery or the incredible Roman theater in Plovdiv should be on your itinerary! 

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria

If you enjoy big cities, Sofia is way better if toured on foot! The capital is a vibrant place, a mixture of modern and historical sites with many stylish restaurants, bars, and lively clubs; The place to be if you want a taste of both worlds: ancient and modern! 

Find more about the ancient towns of Bulgaria here!

3. Friendly costs

Bulgaria offers the perfect opportunity for a memorable vacation that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! With its unique offerings, the country is the preferred choice of many travelers on a budget. Western European countries can’t beat these costs without compromising the trip’s quality.  

One of the perks of traveling there is the exchange rate - it’s officially fixed at around 1-2 ( €1 for 2 BGN). With this simple conversion, it’s easier for visitors to keep track of their spending in real-time. Bulgaria is an affordable destination, so you’ll spend less but still have a memorable adventure. Don’t let your budget hold you back - explore this worth-visiting country! 

4. Ski trips in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is renowned for its world-class ski resorts that attract snow-sport enthusiasts from all over the world. Whether you fancy skiing on the slopes of Bansko, Borovets, or Pamporovo, these resorts cater to all your winter sports cravings.

Bansko Resort

Whether a novice or an expert, you will love skiing here! Bulgarian winter resorts feature modern sports facilities and well-developed infrastructure and offer training for absolute beginners. Another notable point is that these destinations are easily reachable from the airport and the capital!

Bulgaria boasts many thermal areas, and some ski resorts take advantage of this, offering spas for you to unwind in after an active day on the slopes. You will find many recreational and relaxation procedures like massages, aromatherapy, and chromotherapy here. Mineral water is well known to help the body eliminate toxins and even strengthen the immune system.

5. Beautiful beaches in Bulgaria

If you are more of a summer person, the Bulgarian golden coast is for you! The Bulgarian beaches are famous in Europe for being affordable and their relaxed vibe, quality services, and beautiful golden sands.  

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Sunny Beach is one of the most popular resorts between Varna and Burgas. This beach stretches along a sublime bay of nearly 10 km, has a lot of all-inclusive resorts and nightclubs, and is an excellent destination for partying. You can think of it as Bulgarian Ibiza, with premium services and good value for the money. 

Bolata Beach, Bulgaria

For a unique beach experience, we recommend visiting Bolata Beach - a cove beach considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria. This idyllic little beach is the quintessential spot to spend a relaxing day in the sun. Bring a parasol and a picnic basket, and unwind amidst the crystal clear and shallow waters. It’s the perfect spot for families and friend groups seeking hidden gems.

6. People and Hospitality

Hospitality is ingrained in Bulgarian culture and is a symbol of national happiness. For Bulgarians, guests are warmly welcomed and seen as bearers of good fortune and joy in the household. Therefore, offering good hospitality to visitors is a top priority.

Bulgarians have unparalleled openness, kindness, and generosity, inspiring others with their contagious positivity. Their warm hospitality guarantees a lasting impression, ensuring every visitor feels at home and welcomed. It’s a country that should be on your travel list, offering the perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience filled with new friends and lifelong memories.

7. Bulgaria's Traditions and Spirituality

Bulgaria is an orthodox country where most people are very spiritual in their day-to-day life. If you visit the country during holidays like Christmas, the month of March, or Easter, you will experience its unique traditions and rituals

Kukeri Festival

At the end of the communist regime, the Bulgarian orthodox church had to recover its institution, community, and spirituality. Nowadays, Bulgaria has over 120 monasteries - many  of them stunning and worth visiting. 

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

One of them is Rila Monastery. This monastery is a masterpiece of Bulgarian craftsmanship that dates back to the 10th century. This UNESCO-protected gem nearly perished in the 1800s from a fire. Nevertheless, the monastery emerged more radiant than ever after a complete restoration. It is now a “masterpiece of the creative genius of the Bulgaria people,” according to UNESCO. 

So, definitely check it out!

8. SPAs and Wellness Destinations in Bulgaria

With more than 800 mineral springs with different curative characteristics, the country has some of the best spa resorts and spa centers in Central-Eastern Europe. Naturally mineralized waters in Bulgaria are known for their balanced chemical composition, rich mineral structure, and micro components with long-term health benefits. 

Along the coast of the Black Sea, you can indulge in clay treatments for various diseases. Mud deposits on the coast possess great curative potential, making Bulgaria one of the best places in the world to enjoy a complete spa experience. 

Clay therapy

If you are a fan of holistic medicine, you will be happy to know that Bulgaria takes one of the first places in the world with a great variety of meditative herbs and bee products. 

Here are some of the best-known spa resorts in Bulgaria are Pomorie, Hisarya, Devin, St. Konstantin and Elena, Albena, Balchik, Sandanski, Velingrad, Hissar, Kyustendil, Sapareva Banya, Pavel Banya, Varshets, and many more. 

9. Bulgaria's Delicious cuisine 

To love Bulgarian cuisine since it’s tasty and well-prepared, with an overall rustic feel. 

There are a few things that are mandatory to try when visiting this country: 

  • The breakfast experience with “banitsa”- a pastry delight prepared from the dough and white cheese; 
  • The local drink “ayran”- salty yogurt; Ayran, a popular drink in the Balkan region, is made from salted yogurt. Although its origins can be traced back to Turkey, it is also widely consumed in Bulgaria and Romania. 
  • The typical barbecue is from pork-called “kufte” (round meatballs) or “kebapche” (the long ones). 
  • Also, in Bulgaria, you’ll find many fish-based dishes as it has plenty of resources from the Black Sea coast. 


For a more authentic feel of the culinary culture, don’t miss out if you can eat a homemade meal in a local’s house. You also might be served a homemade drink like the rakia, or “water of fire”- the national drink of Bulgaria. It is an exquisite brandy  made of fruits, often from fermented grapes or plums. 


"Cheers!" or as Bulgarians say: наздраве! (nazdrave)

10. Wine! Wine! Wine!

Wine culture in Bulgaria dates back to ancient times! The entire Bulgarian territory speaks about the old Thracian ways of growing vines and making the finest red wines that even Homer wrote about. 

Bulgarians love their wine so much that in the 1980s, they even became the world’s second-largest wine producer. When communism fell, so did the industry, but even so, nowadays, Bulgaria is a world-renowned player in the wine niche. Red wines dominate Bulgaria. What will surprise you is the high number of recognizable wine varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

As a tourist, you can visit the small family wineries of the largest wine-producing regions for an authentic experience. Under the influence of the Balkan climate, Bulgarian wines have distinct tones, so your wine-tasting tour of Bulgaria will be unique to you and the part of the country you’ll be in.  

Bulgaria is one of the best Balkan countries to see when visiting Europe, and we gave you only ten reasons. We assure you there are many more, so come and see for yourself! Or even better: ask an expert! 
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